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Bianet: Police Releases Gezi Resistance Report


Police authorities released a report regarding the demographics of over 5,000 individuals who have been detained during Gezi Resistance protests across Turkey. Police authorities released an analysis on Gezi Resistance. The report described in detail Gezi detainees’ basic demographics including monthly income, educational status and religious affiliation. According to Milliyet newspaper, the information leading to the drafting of report has [...] → Read the full article…

Jadaliyya: #resistankara: Notes of a woman resisting


Thousands of women filled the streets and squares in Ankara and took them back: spraying anti-teargas solutions in someone’s eyes, picking up the trash, advising people not to use swear words, but still talking, screaming, not keeping silent, swallowing, and walking, and walking again. The Gezi Park protests can be, and are being, analyzed in multiple ways. Meanwhile, on its [...] → Read the full article…