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MQ Rhythm Flashmob Vienna

MQ Rhythm Flashmob Vienna // Direnişe Destek from ozgun yarar on Vimeo.

This is just the beginning // Bu daha başlangıç // Dies ist bloß der Anfang…
Drums never beat without a reason: This rhythm flashmob in Vienna aims to support the current resistance movements in Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Bulgaria, Spain and elsewhere on our planet. “This is just the beginning, the struggle will go on!”
Davullar asla boşuna çalmaz: Bu ritm eylemini Türkiye, Brezilya, Mısır, Bulgaristan, İspanya ve dünyanın her yerindeki direniş hareketlerine destek amacıyla düzenledik. “BU DAHA BAŞLANGIÇ, MÜCADELEYE DEVAM!”
Trommeln dröhnen nie vergeblich: Dieser Rhytmus-Flashmob wurde in Wien realisiert, um die Widerstandsbewegungen in der Türkei, in Brasilien, Ägypten, Bulgarien, Spanien und sonstwo auf unseren Planeten zu unterstützen. “Dies ist bloß der Anfang, unser Kampf geht weiter!”
Özgün Yarar ,Onur Serdar ,Nazmi Ates, Kemal Burak Öz, Deniz Dikmen,Baris Isik, Umut Erdem & Oncel Oncel

Candle vigil in Boston in memory of Gezi victims


Around 60 people in Boston organized a candle vigil at Harvard Square yesterday to remember the victims of Gezi resistance and as well as Trayvon Martin whose murderer was found unguilty in USA. The crowd carried posters of Abdullah Cömert, Ali İsmail Korkmaz, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Medeni Yıldırım, Ethem Sarısülük and Trayvon Martin.

CNN iReport: Fethullah Gülen Exposed


As many as 400 peaceful Turkish origin American protestors poured into the neighborhood of Imam Gulen’s compound in Poconos arguing that he is the most dangerous islamist on the face of the earth. Turkish Americans emphasized his influence in the turmoil that Turkey has been facing for the past decade and most recently the brutal attacks by Turkish militia police [...] → Read the full article…

Gezi Park 5K Run / California

Gezi Park California has conducted its premier 5K run/walk and brunch fundraiser on Sunday, July 14th, 2013. This meet up will raise money for the children education camps in underprivileged areas of Turkey organized by a major Turkish student organization ‘Kolektifler’ (www.kolektifler.net).

source: https://www.facebook.com/events/142982635899342/?ref=3

Amnesty International: Turkey: End abuse and reveal extent of injuries


Turkish citizens continue to be beaten, unjustly detained, and abused by police forces amid massive protests. This violence has got to stop, but only massive international outrage from supporters like you can move the needle now. Please send an urgent message to authorities demanding an end to the use of excessive force against peaceful protestors. Authorities must restore the right [...] → Read the full article…

In Solidarity with the people of Turkey (from East Europe)

We would like to express strong support for the struggle of our comrades across Turkey. They fight the repressive and authoritarian neoliberal regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP, who declared open war on the citizens of Turkey by crackdown on peaceful protests. We believe that we are all a part of the same general struggle against neo-liberal capitalism and [...] → Read the full article…

SoL: Support from Denmark to Gezi Resistance

Another support to Gezi Park resistance has come from Denmark. Protesters who had set up a tent on June 18th to support the resistance held a demonstration today. Another support to Gezi Park resistance has come from Denmark. A solidarity demonstration has been held in Denmark’s Aalborg to support the resistance in both Turkey and Brazil. The demonstration has started [...] → Read the full article…