Bianet: Police Releases Gezi Resistance Report

Police authorities released a report regarding the demographics of over 5,000 individuals who have been detained during Gezi Resistance protests across Turkey.


Police authorities released an analysis on Gezi Resistance. The report described in detail Gezi detainees’ basic demographics including monthly income, educational status and religious affiliation.

According to Milliyet newspaper, the information leading to the drafting of report has been gathered out of over 5,000 individuals who have been detained during Gezi Resistance protests.

Some of the highlights from the report are as follows:

* During the 112 day period between May 28 until the first week of September, 5,532 protests have been organized across all (81) provinces of Turkey with the only exception of Bayburt.

* While approximately 3,600,000 people attended the protests, 5,513 were detained by the police. Within various investigations, 189 were arrested. On the other hand, 4,329 were wounded and 5 demonstrators were killed. Regarding the police forces, one officer died and 697 officers were wounded.

50 percent women

* 50 percent of those who are facing investigation are women.

* The educational status of suspects was listed as follows: elementary/secondary school graduate (15 percent), high school graduate (24 percent), university student (36 percent) and university graduate (25 percent).

* The distribution of suspects according to age was listed as follows: 18-25 (56 percent), 26-30 (26 percent), 31-40 (17 percent), 40 and older (1 percent).

* The month income of protests was distributed as follows: 0- 499 TL (39 percent), 500-999 TL (15 percent), 1000-1999 TL (31 percent), and 2000 TL and above (20 percent).

78 percent with Alevi background

* While 78 percent of all suspects were with Alevi religious background, other backgrounds of suspects included union/NGO, soccer fan groups, secularists and nationalists.

* While only 12 percent had a political party affiliation, 6 percent were linked with marginal leftist groups and 4 with terrorist groups and their legal extension

Gezi Resistance allegedly cost 139 million liras

* According to police authorities, the approximate damage of Gezi Resistance protests cost 139 million liras with 74 million for workplace property damage. Other damage costs included police vehicles (15.5 million), pavements and municipal vehicles (10 million), public and AKP related buildings (2 million), private vehicles (6 million), bus stops (4,3 million), billboards and traffic signs (4,1 million) and ambulances (2,8 million). (EKN/BM)

BIA News Desk
25 November 2013