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Revolution News: Information for the International Community regarding an illegal highway construction in Ankara


We would like to give a brief summary about the recent course of events in Ankara, regarding an illegal highway construction by Metropolitan Municipality. An eight-lane highway plan, passing through the natural protected area within Middle East Technical University (METU) land, as well as conjoint neighborhoods, was put into action by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality without juridicial approval. METU community and [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Demonstrators plant trees against destruction in Taksim Gezi Park


Taksim Dayanışması, a solidarity group, reiterated its position against the construction in Taksim Gezi Park, claiming that the City Preservation Council requested stakeholder municipalities to investigate the legal grounds of the ongoing construction. Starting from the night of May 27, dozens of volunteers resumed their patrols around Taksim Gezi Park – one of the few remaining green spots in downtown [...] → Read the full article…