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Al Jazeera: Demonstrator’s death stirs protests in Turkey


Dissident groups stage demonstrations after death of 22-year-old man during clashes with police in country’s southeast. Anti-government protesters have gathered in Turkey after a demonstrator died during a protest in the southeastern province of Hatay. Hundreds of demonstrators marched to Istanbul’s Taksim Square on Tuesday after Taksim Solidarity Platform, an umbrella group of Turkish dissidents, called for a gathering to mark the death [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Gezi Park discusses next steps


Taksim Solidarity counted its meeting with PM Erdoğan to Gezi Park protestors. A forum has been launched to determine on the next steps of the process. The group will have a press a statement at 10 am tomorrow. Taksim Solidarity held a meeting with Gezi Park protestors this afternoon, sharing information on their meeting with PM Erdoğan in Ankara last [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Demonstrators plant trees against destruction in Taksim Gezi Park


Taksim Dayanışması, a solidarity group, reiterated its position against the construction in Taksim Gezi Park, claiming that the City Preservation Council requested stakeholder municipalities to investigate the legal grounds of the ongoing construction. Starting from the night of May 27, dozens of volunteers resumed their patrols around Taksim Gezi Park – one of the few remaining green spots in downtown [...] → Read the full article…