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Etha: The Police tortured for hours


The Turkish police, who has drawn enormous reactions from the people with its actions towards the Gezi protesters, has this time, in Gazi neighborhood, tortured Semih Demir who is 18 years old . The torture has continued for hours on the street, in the forest and at the police station. Semih Demir has described what happened to ETHA: “It was [...] → Read the full article…

Hürriyet: Volkan, whose eyes were cleared of metal beads


Gezi witnessing continues with Volkan who runs a stationery store. He came to Taksim to protest against the police violence on the first day of Gezi and to support the young people. During the rioting there he was shot in the eye by a bullet fired by the police. He was operated on twice. During the second operation, his eye [...] → Read the full article…

Çaglayan Courthouse: “You can’t touch us!”


“I was there in the Çağlayan Courthouse in today’s riot. What started as a simple press release, turned into something else and here are some of the incidents that happened right before my eyes: “RIOT” security guards that built a wall of flesh, looked at us from a meter’s distance and said, “If you come any closer we will knock [...] → Read the full article…