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Hürriyet: The lawyer of the Gezi detainees, ‘Cops beat us up in the courthouse’


Last Saturday night, the police detained 59 demonstrators who wanted to enter Gezi Park. Among the detainees only 8 of them were issued arrest warrants. In the Çağlayan courthouse, where those 8 protestors were held, it was claimed that three lawyers representing the protestors, two of which are women, were battered by the police because they wanted to take to [...] → Read the full article…

Çaglayan Courthouse: “You can’t touch us!”


“I was there in the Çağlayan Courthouse in today’s riot. What started as a simple press release, turned into something else and here are some of the incidents that happened right before my eyes: “RIOT” security guards that built a wall of flesh, looked at us from a meter’s distance and said, “If you come any closer we will knock [...] → Read the full article…