Etha: The Police tortured for hours

The Turkish police, who has drawn enormous reactions from the people with its actions towards the polis-iskencesiGezi protesters, has this time, in Gazi neighborhood, tortured Semih Demir who is 18 years old . The torture has continued for hours on the street, in the forest and at the police station.

Semih Demir has described what happened to ETHA: “It was around night, we were walking in our neighborhood with my friends. Suddenly people who I don’t know tried to grab my arm. These people, who I found much later out that they were police, handcuffed my hands behind my back and kicked my legs. With the effect of the kick I fell down. They continued kicking me on the floor for several minutes.

With the reaction from the people around who were witnessing the beating, they took me into their police vehicle and drove to a forest area and continued beating be there. And when again the police got bothered by the people around us, this time they took me to the area with concrete factories around which is located near the police station. Here they have beaten me up for hours. They asked me names of people and whether I know them. Every time I said that ‘I don’t know’ they beaten me up. From here I was taken to the police station and the beating continued there as well.

Then we drove around my neighborhood and I was asked to point for addresses of some names. When I said I don’t know they beat me in the car as well. Then they called my family and they accused me with some false claims. Then they released me.”

13 July 2013

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