Birgün: A deportation scandal


It has turned out that the police, whose use of excessive power in the Gezi protests has been debated repeatedly, have started to do the courts’ jobs. Though the German citizen of Turkish origin Ekim Deniz Doğan who was arrested on July 7 was released by the court, the Public Security Branch Office (a department of the İstanbul Police Department) arbitrarily deported Doğan on July 13.

Doğan, Zeycan Balcı Şimşek’s advocate says neither the prosecution nor the Police Department has any knowledge or any decision on the subject, and that her client was sent to Germany hurriedly without any documentation. Doğan, aged twenty, who was born and grew up in Germany, had come to Turkey three months ago and settled in the house of her relatives in İstanbul. The process of lawlessness started when Doğan, a witness to the Gezi resistance, went to Taksim in support to the call of Taksim Solidarity on July 7, 2013 , was taken into custody by the police.

Being encircled by four civilian police and taken to the police car called a scorpion, Doğan was forced to sit in the car, beaten up and the police attempted to search her naked. In the Istanbul Police Department Public Security Branch Office she was taken to, she was forcibly subjected to a naked shakedown and anal examination in front of the male policemen. Resisting this unlawful attempt Doğan was beaten up and put into a cell. She started a hunger strike in order to protest those inhumane acts; however her demand for water and sugar was denied arbitrarily. Despite all the efforts of the lawyers, water and sugar were taken into the branch office only after two days.

However the torture did not stop. Doğan was prostrated by the male cops, they sat on her, pushed her head with their knees and took her fingerprints by force. The rest of the happenings is reported by her advocate Zeycan Balcı Şimşek thus: “On July 10, Wednesday we went to the branch office with the advocate Seyit Nusret Öztürk to see Ekin. Despite the fact that there is no legal obstacle to prevent us from seeing our client, they did not let us see her for three and a half hours. However when the custody duration extended, they allowed us to see Ekim for two minutes and tried to pretend it was a regular advocate-client meeting. When we opposed this unlawfulness, a cop from the branch office approached close to us, referring both to us and our client, and threatened, ‘We will show you, you will pay a heavy price for this’. Only afterwards did we learn what he really meant.”

She was released by the Çağlayan Court on 11 July, 2013. However, we learned that she had been taken hurriedly to the Foreigners Branch Office immediately after her release. After some research we learned that without any decision by the leading prosecutor of the case, Nazmi Okumuş, or İsa Dalgıç who took her testimony, or the Police Department, the Public Security Branch Office on its own initiative decided to deport Ekim and ban her from re-entering Turkey again. We were shocked. We immediately presented a case to 4. Administrative Court against her deportation and ban on entering Turkey. The newspaper called Kızılbayrak that we wanted to give to Ekim who was held in Kumkap Foreigners Branch Office, was not allowed. The officials at the door openly said not to let in any newspaper other than Yeni Şafak and Zaman. They blackmailed us by telling she would stay there for months and then would be sent to a different country if we did not buy her a ticket to Germany. So we had to buy a ticket. We applied for help from every department, nothing worked. The Public Security Branch Office police deported Ekim on 13 July, 2013 without any documentation, or any court decision and without the knowledge of the Police Department.”

Zeynep Kuray
25 July 2013

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