According to Governor Tuna, the killers of Ali İsmail are “definitely not Turkish Police.”

After the demise of Ali İsmail Korkmaz, the Governor of Eskişehir spoke to CNN Türk, saying “it wasn’t the Turkish Police’s doing” and that the case “was an isolated one.” However photos claim otherwise.

yunusemrecaddesiThe photo above was taken on the night of June 2, on Yunus Emre Boulevard, where the police attack that resulted in the death of Ali İsmail Korkmaz took place.

Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna appeared on CNN Türk’s primetime news bulletin, presented by Nevşin Mengü, where he answered Mengü’s questions regarding the death of Ali İsmail Korkmaz. Tuna replied to Mengü’s question, “Who are the perpetrators of this act?” as “Definitely not the Turkish Police. It was done by some other individuals.” As Governor Tuna stated that the perpetrators hadn’t been identified up to now, Mengü reminded him that this was an extraordinary event, after which Tuna said: “Don’t try to come to grand conclusions with this situation, you too know of the events that took place at that time.”

After Mengü’s question, “does the tension at the time legitimize these actions?” Tuna replied that there were many events that took place in Eskişehir during the Gezi protests and stated, “we have even heard of cases where demonstrators injured their own friends and blamed it on the police. While these are the facts, don’t try to paint a different picture.”

Mengü also added that visual recordings that could be used as evidence were said to be corrupted. Governor Tuna replied: “There are 43 different recordings and one may have been corrupted. Let’s first of all set things straight: The case is an isolated one; nowhere else in Eskişehir has there been an event of this scale. Civilian individuals have taken action in that area and unfortunately this young man was caught up in it.”

As to the question whether it was true that hospitals denied treatment to the injured youth, Tuna stated, “It is not true that he was denied treatment; it was the third hospital that was able to diagnose the brain hemorrhage he endured.”

The night of June 2, on Yunus Emre Boulevard…

Although Governor Tuna calls the perpetrators “definitely not Turkish Police” and the case “an isolated one,” there were numerous police officers on Yunus Emre Boulevard on the night of June 2, where the attack that took Ali İsmail Korkmaz’ life took place. The police attacked demonstrators using gas bombs and plastic bullets. In fact, the same night that Ali İsmail was killed, a student named Ceren Ertay was submitted to torture first by riot police in a car park on Yunus Emre Boulevard and then by police officers at the anti-terror branch offices.

July 10, 2013

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