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Bianet: Here it was going on, in İzmir and right now – Gamze Kutlukaya


After the first week, the police intervention decreased considerably and Kordon was transformed into a liberated, ‘Police Free Zone.’ Therefore, it was easier to sit and talk. On the evening of May 31st, I and my parents were at a wedding. Gezi Park was not a significant issue on my agenda. How could it be, anyway? There was nothing extraordinary [...] → Read the full article…

Endearment via the use violence


Basak Ozcelik, who was allegedly battered by approximately 20 people in Gundogdu Square, Izmir province, has related her memories: ” I was forced to say that I love PM Erdogan and the Turkish Police. I also heard people’s slogans like, ‘Long live the power of the AK Party Youth!’ 7 June 2013 Source: Social Media

Do not hit my wife

I am M.D. Ömür Mavioğlu. I am a retired faculty member of 9 Eylül University. I am an anesthesiologist and rehabilitation specialist. In my medical career of 31 years, I have tried to serve the people with all my knowledge and ability without  compromising my principles. I’ve never acted violently in my daily life and always abhorred acts of violence. [...] → Read the full article…