Do not hit my wife

I am M.D. Ömür Mavioğlu. I am a retired faculty member of 9 Eylül University. I am an anesthesiologist and rehabilitation specialist. In my medical career of 31 years, I have tried to serve the people with all my knowledge and ability without  compromising my principles. I’ve never acted violently in my daily life and always abhorred acts of violence. I, and my wife who is a senior academician at Celal Bayar University,  have raised our children in the same manner.

On 2 June 2013, around 02:00 am, at Gündoğdu the police and some other unidentified people assaulted my son and daughter in law, subjecting them to serious physical and psychological harm.

My children, whose only crime was to sit down at Gundogdu, were beaten with sticks and some other object, probably a stick with nails. My son and his wife tried to protect themselves by just holding on to each other, and all the while my son was saying, ‘Do not hit my wife, we didn’t do anything wrong.’ They continued beating them and using abusive language, saying, ‘You bitch, why are you here in the middle of the night!’. When I consider the helplessness of a man who, together with his wife, is being beaten, I choose to leave the conclusion to people’s conscience to judge as to the seriousness of the psychological trauma experienced.

I am asking to the Governor of İzmir and the Chief of Police and those who inflicted violence on unarmed and peaceful people: ‘If you were subjected to the same actions while just sitting with your wife, if your wife was insulted, how would you react?’ I hereby request that the Governor of İzmir and the Chief of Police investigate this incident and publicly announce the names of those who used the nail sticks and those who inflicted this violence.

05 June 2013


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