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Türkiye’den Şiddet Hikayeleri: “I was tortured for hours, physically and psychologically”


During the Gezi protests, the night of 2nd June, Anatolian University student Caner Ertay was subjected to police torture, first by the riot police and then by the anti-terror branch. Ertay told what happened that night to ‘Stories of Violence from Turkey’, how he was carried in the trunk of a car rom hospital to hospital. This was the same [...] → Read the full article…

A protestor’s opinions of the referendum proposal regarding Gezi Park


First of all, I’d like to note that the following account belongs entirely to me. It doesn’t bind my friends in the resistance. I am alone and free like a tree in the forest. I find the PM’s declaration about holding a referendum on the Gezi project insufficient and disingenuous. The Gezi Park actions  began when a handful of ecologists, [...] → Read the full article…