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Art in America: Poetry of Protest – An Interview with Fulya Erdemci


The 13th Istanbul Biennial, titled “Mom, Am I Barbarian?” (Sept. 14-Oct. 20) aims to examine the public domain as a political forum. A statement released by the organizers in January said that the exhibition would highlight art projects that “activate social engagement and public forums to generate the possibility of rethinking the concept of ‘publicness’.” It also stated that the [...] → Read the full article…

Jadaliyya: Covering Gezi: Reflecting on photographing daily life during extraordinary events

Taksim Renewal Project

After a few days, we asked one of our friends to go buy us some gas masks. He called and said there had been a run on them, and prices were up to 350–400 Turkish liras each (approximately $160–$220). We opted for some cheaper construction masks, and made do. But we had to learn how to cover such an event. [...] → Read the full article…