Bianet: We have lost Berkin Elvan

berkin elvan 2

Berkin Elvan (15) died in his hospital bed this early – at 7 am local time.

Gravely injured in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı district by a police bomb canister on June 16 during the Gezi Resistance, Berkin Elvan has been in comatose for 269 days.

“To our people: We have lost our son Berkin Elvan at 7 am this morning. Condolences to all,” Elvan’s family wrote on twitter.

What happened?

On June 16, Berkin Elvan has been hospitalized due to grave head injuries after the police intervention in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı district. When he was admitted to the Okmeydanı Research Hospital, his heart has reportedly stopped already.

Suffering from brain hemorrhage, Elvan went through at least 5 surgeries.

On January 5, Elvan turned 15 in his comatose. He died on Day 269.

While Istanbul Prosecutors Office is currently investigating the case, prosecutors allegedly denied to follow charges related to “attempted police killing and torture” – a complaint submitted by Elvan’s family advocates.

On the other hand, the suspected policemen have been charged with “excessive use of their right to exercise force” according to Turkish Penal Code Article 256/1.

“Did Berkin carry items like molotov cocktail, stone or torpedo along with him?” the former prosecutor Adnan Çimen reportedly asked the eyewitnesses. (NV/AS)


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