More sad news: Hülya Arslan has lost her eye.

At the Hospital, she is describing that moment (we are deeply sorry, we hope you get well soon)

Arslan, who is under treatment in Şişli Etfal Hospital, told of that day and what happened: I was at the solidarity commission. We were administering medicine to the peoples’ eyes. Suddenly there was shooting from the back. The lights went down. In the front there were policemen and in the back some civilians we couldn’t identify.

5783_1There was a friend who carried me when I was shot. He also says the same. The civilians had guns which they were shooting randomly. Although I hid behind the containers they aimed directly at me and shot me, targeting my eye. The distance wasn’t far. 10-15 steps. I saw at that moment. It happened at the entrance to Gezi Park from Taksim Square. Then darkness. Nobody could see one another clearly, but you could see the civilians with guns in their hands and they were shooting. It was brutal. This was an intervention with the purpose of killing people. This is not how you handle a situation if you want to scatter a mob of people. Not through killing and hurting.

The mother of Hülya Arslan who was with her at that time at Gezi Park said: I have breathing problems. So when the police started shooting gas bombs I was affected by the gas very badly. My daughter tried to help me and next moment she was shot. I passed out. When I regained my consciousness she was at the hospital and when I arrived there she had already lost her eye.

15 June 2013

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