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New York, USA

On the 1st of June around 1000 people gathered in Zuccotti Park where Occupy Wall Street movement began. The demonstration, organized by artists and intellectuals living in New York, was held under the title “New York Action Group in Solidarity with Occupy Gezi Parkı, Istanbul Facebook Group.” The demonstration, punctuated by slogans such as “We will keep resisting and win”, [...] → Read the full article…

Portland, USA


On the 2nd of Jun, around 100 people gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square in order to support the protests in Turkey. Turkish flags and banners on which “Turkey, resist!” and “Portland is with you” were written were carried by the demonstrators. People shouted the slogans such as “Tayyip resign!” and “Hand in hand against fascism”. The Americans who got interested [...] → Read the full article…

Chicago, USA


On the 1st of June, around 150 people gathered in Pioneer Court in order to support the protests against the Turkish government. The demonstrators marched through the Michigan street despite the rain. The national anthem was sung and the slogans “You are not alone, Istanbul”, “You are not alone, Turkey”, “Stop the violence in Turkey” were shouted.

Boston, USA

On June 1, a group of five hundred people gathered in downtown Boston to support the protesters in Turkey who are struggling for democracy.  In a press statement, they reacted against police brutality and anti-democratic policies of the government. They condemned the silence of the mainstream media and stated that every person has a right to know more about the [...] → Read the full article…