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Roads and Kingdoms: Soccer and the Street in Istanbul – Izzy Finkel


Istanbul’s streets hosted a new kind of violence this summer: a civil uprising that extended beyond hooligans to environmentalists to young people who feel sidelined under what they see as the government’s increasingly authoritarian rule. The protests unleashed a polarization of the kind the country had never seen outside of the football… So it was one of the unlikeliest of [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Soccer Fan Groups React to Political Cheering Ban


Various soccer fan group members spoke up against government’s latest plans to ban political cheering in stadiums across Turkey. Considering the measures as an extension of AKP government’s ban mentality, Tek Yumruk and Sol Açık groups predict that soccer fans are very likely to use humor in the days to come. Bianet interviewed soccer fan groups Tek Yumruk and Sol [...] → Read the full article…