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The Guardian: Where will it kick off next? – Paul Mason

A boy wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in Gezi Park

The Gezi Park events marked a turning point in the global unrest we’re living through. Though not officially a Bric country, Turkey has most of the attributes of one – high growth, a young population, a repressive state prone to corruption and arbitrary action. So after Gezi it was no surprise to see Brazil’s protest movement spiral into a million people on the [...] → Read the full article…

Open Democracy: Turkey and neoliberalism, a prequel to #occupyGezi – Kerem Nişancıoğlu


The drive to reclaim a people’s right to their city led to the revival of Turkish civic identity and highlighted the growing importance of social capital. Why did it take so long for Turkey? Before the summer of 2013, Turkey was considered one of the few success stories of the post-2008 global political economy. Within the last decade the country [...] → Read the full article…