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Cultural Anthropology: The What of Occupation, “You Took Our Cemetery, You Won’t Have Our Park!” – Alice von Bieberstein and Nora Tataryan


Retrospectively it became a foreboding. Or, in other words, reality came to grimly echo the creative intervention of an Armenian youth group in Gezi Park. Shortly after setting up their association’s tent in the middle of the park during the first days of the occupation,Nor Zartonk stapled together two pieces of grey Styrofoam resembling a gravestone and marked with the line, [...] → Read the full article…

Antipode: Defending Future Commons, The Gezi Experience – Ozan Karaman


What made Gezi Experience  particularly striking is that through the commoning of Taksim (that is, its ‘enclosure’ against the state), and collective production of space, people were already actively producing a different kind of urban life. The Gezi struggle therefore was not simply about the conservation of an existing commons, but the defense – through production – of a future urban commons. [...] → Read the full article…