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Al Monitor: Turkish Muezzin Who Couldn’t Lie Is Exiled


By Yasemin Congar Turkish might be a relatively lean language when it comes to the number of words in it (barely more than 111,000 words, according to the official Turkish Language Institute, compared to English which tops a million), but it is rather rich in wisely-quipped proverbs that have stood the test of centuries. One such adage that I find especially relevant [...] → Read the full article…

The marginal chappuler in the video images of the Dolmabahçe police violence: “Why was I the last man down?” Selçuk Uygur


Hello everybody, I would like to tell you about the incidents myself as the main protagonist of the videos showing the “Dolmabahçe Polis Violence” recorded on the 2nd of June 2013 at night in Dolmabahçe and broadcast on youtube. I am the person that the police tried to lynch in those images after the Billboard Resistance. Those of you who are [...] → Read the full article…