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Jadaliyya: Alevizing Gezi – Ayfer Karakaya-Stump

Berkin’in vuruldugu yerde toren duzenlendi

Berkin Elvan’s funeral services, which were held at the Okmeydani Cemevi on 12 March, once again raised the question of why all six youths killed during the Gezi Protests—or, if we are to approach the Gezi process within a broader framework, why seven out of eight youths killed—were Alevîs. Indeed, the question is not a new one; months prior to [...] → Read the full article…

Al-Monitor: AKP’s Social Media Wars – Emre Kızılkaya

A riot policeman uses a mobile phone to film protesters at Taksim Square in Istanbul

AKP might or might not be paying for the recent campaigns of insult and abuse on critics, but there is no doubt that Erdogan, who boasts of “setting up the news agenda,” is now keen to dominate the social media, too. As the 2014 elections approach, the social media offensive of the emerging “conservative industrial complex” is generating the risk of [...] → Read the full article…