To the brave heart who risks being exposed

From one of our friends: “I was preparing to leave for Gezi Park on June 16th when I answered the 2 millionth call from the call center of a big company. Leaving no time to talk for the operator across the line I started talking about the Gezi Park resistance. I said “We’ve been struggling the violence, gas and water cannon vehicles of the state for days and we managed to have them retreat, but we still could not persuade your company, mate!” The operator replied; “Sir, you say that, but we also come to the park everyday after work.” Then I cooled down my scrutable shock and happiness at that moment and said “Then you can empathize with me easily, please remove me from your marketing list. And see you at the park tonight!” and I hung up.

I shared this for that brave worker friend who risked exposing himself although their calls are being monitored everyday.”

Source: From the Facebook page Plaza Action Platform

19 June 2013

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