We have already won this war!

’12.06.2013, Time: 13.00 ,My Taksim Gezi Park diary I smelled the tear gas slightly when I got out of the metro. The stairs opening to Gezi Park from Taksim Square were narrowed down with the barricades. Tens of people in the square are walking towards the park with supermarket bags in their hands. These are all aid packages. When I entered the park, it was as if there hadn’t been a war the day before. I went towards the front of Divan Hotel. Everywhere is so clean, and it is difficult to see any litter around. Our young people are still cleaning around. Since Devrim Market in the corner of the park was burned down, its branches emerged in different parts of the park. More importantly, it is not a crowd that plunders everything, and it is not like the crowd in which people run over each other just for a kilogram of rice in our country. A young person in front of me is calling whether there is somebody who would like to have a sandwich (for free). I followed him 100 metres along, and nobody wanted any. They do not waste anything unnecessarily. I watched one of the markets in the park for about 10 minutes. They are providing some fruit juice, cookies, dessert, tea and water, but very few people were taking those. I see the tiredness of the war the night before and happiness at the same time on the face of a girl who was sleeping among the pile of watermelons in the market. It is one of the most deserted days of Gezi Park at the moment. Because most of the warriors are sleeping in their tents. There is an area which was filled with flowers in the middle of the park, and nobody runs over the flowers despite all this turmoil. There is a ‘Gezi Garden’ in the park just opposite Divan Hotel. Tens of flowers were planted here. At one second, a young girl appeared in front of me. The basket in her hand was full of sandwiches. They were made of sandwich bread, and covered with stretch film finely. I listened to her chat with a man. I heard the man said, ‘They are providing sandwiches in the market, you can leave those sandwiches there.’ However, the young girl replied, ‘I have prepared these sandwiches myself till the morning, and I want to give them to people myself.’ And at that moment my eyes filled with tears. WE HAVE ALREADY WON THIS WAR.’ Tuncay Yazıcı Cited from Facebook. 12 June 2013

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