Police blinded this time by physical assault!


Police forces have terrorized the country with gas bombs and rubber bullets since Gezi Park demonstrations started. They blinded Hakan Yaman, a 37-year-old father of two kids, who was trying to go back to his house in Istanbul Sarigazi, by kicking him at first, and then they trown him him into the fire. Being admitted to Kartal Education and Research Hospital ER, Yaman lost his left eye due to physical assault in addition to the severe burns on his back and arms. His brother Ali HaydarYaman stated that they have filed a complaint against 5 police officers.

Hakan Yaman, who works as a shuttle driver, had no idea what was going to happen after he left home for work as usual on 3rd of June. After he left the work around 11:30 PM, he was blocked by four riot police and one undercover police while he was walking home on Sarigazi Demokrasi Street.


Hakan Yaman’s brother Ali Haydar Yaman explained the aftermath as follows: “My brother told them that he was living on that street but it was of no use. He was pushed to the ground and violently assaulted by the police officers whom kicked him and used their shields to beat him. As it wasn’t enough,  they dragged him into the burning fire in the middle of the street and left him there. My brother got himself away from the fire and residents drove him to the nearest hospital, Sarigazi District Hospital, and then he was transferred to Kartal Education and Research Hospital.


“I learned that he was in the hospital when Hakan’s wife Nihal called me”, explained Yaman and continued “I took my wife and went to Kartal Hospital ER. Police officers and doctors, who were taking the statement, told me it was an accident when I asked them what happened to my brother. Later, my brother told me that he was assaulted by 5 police officers when I talked to him. After the examination, it was revealed that he lost his left eye, had a fracture in his skull and had severe burns on his back and arms.”

His brother underwent brain surgery on 5th of June and is still in the Plastic Surgery Division.


Ali Haydar Yaman stated that his brother Hakan Yaman was not involved in any demonstration and was just coming home from work. He added “Even if he was involved in the demonstrations, could that be an excuse to blind him? They could have taken him into the police station. Why did they beat him to death? This is savageness. My brother told them that he was living there and had to go home several times. This is plain brutality. Who is going to give my brother’s left eye back?”

Yaman concluded that he filed a complaint against the police officers responsible and will follow hard after them.

 07 June 2013

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