The resistance in Ankara couldn’t have been summarized better!

‘Do not fear.

İstanbul is under our wings.

The streets do not lead to the sea in Ankara. At the end of all streets, there is a ministry, the parliament or any other public building. That’s why, the police in Ankara are much harsher, and they take more severe orders. In each time we are beaten up more here, and each time we think more: ‘It didn’t happen yesterday, but what if I get arrested today, what if I lose my job.’ However, we have such an advantage that you can’t know without experiencing. The people we oppose, protest against, and to whom we try to raise our voices are all here. They do not have anywhere to escape from us. Ankara is the last place they can shelter, and Ankara is ours. Therefore, their eyes are filled with fear when they come here. And that’s why, they wander around not with 20 bodyguards, but 50. And that’s why, the 25-km-street on their convoy route is blocked completely in Ankara. Because Ankara is an ogre. They are scared even when we approach towards them. Therefore, the aim here is not to scare from a distance and force everybody to escape, but to capture us by trapping in the streets we are heading towards.

However, do not worry since we are experienced enough. In the meanwhile, you have very nice masks. We do not have such masks. Ours are made of cloth, but they make us sweat. We do not have helmets, either; we have worker brothers wearing painter caps with plastic shelters. Also, we do not have ski goggles, they look so nice… Instead, we have people who grab our arms and spray solution on our eyes when we cannot open our eyes because of your gas bombs. Ankara kicks the gas bombs with its shoes stepped on their back. Ankara stops the plastic bullets coming towards its face, by swearing.

For this reason, there is a metaphor: ‘Ankara pretends as if it were the elder brother of Istanbul. It is beaten up 10 times more proudly when it ensures that the beaten brother, Istanbul, is safe. The teeths of Ankara are falling down here; however, when we see that you are safe with your mothers there, we spit these broken teeths out and smile with our bleeding mouths. By the way, do not tell this to our mothers; tell them ‘He will be late a little bit, perhaps it’s about a girl.’.. We are struggling against the final scene monster, it may take a long time.

And also I apologise… We are a bit emotional. Our being emotional and feeling lonely; perhaps it’s because we cannot sigh watching the sea. That’s why, we dramatize well as you can see; I’m exaggerating, we are really fine.

They say it has been 18 days; I am not sure whether it has been that much. If so, it has been really tiring to go to work at 8 in the morning each and every day for 18 days with just 2 hours of sleep after being chased, beaten, and oppressed. It is tiring, yet it is priceless to watch naughty Istanbul in the daytime, and you can’t help participating the humour. I arrived home 1 hour ago. My chest is burning every day for not breathing properly for 18 days. And sleeping is the most logical thing to do now, but it is necessary to tour around Tunalı & Tunus Streets with the car to see if there is anybody left in the street. As I have been saved again and again for two weeks, I can save some people with my car, and give them a lift.


Taken from Facebook ‘Ötekilerin Postası’.

15 June 2013



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