Jadaliyya: Tahrir to Taksim: We demand the fall of the system


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The following video expresses the Mosireen media collective’s stance of solidarity with the on-going demonstrations around Istanbul’s Taksim Square, and in several other Turkish cities. It begins with images of trees being uprooted in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, to make way for the government’s planned conversion of the area into a commercial space–the original trigger of the peaceful protests. It then shows the many parallels between the challenges that Egyptian and Turkish protesters have faced due to police violence, as well as between the methods of resistance that they have improvised in their respective public squares. This video comes days after solidarity demonstrations were organized by leftist Egyptian activists outside the Turkish Embassy in Cairo and the Turkish Consulate in Alexandria, and amidst a stream of messages of support and advice in the social media “from Tahrir to Taksim.”

13. 06. 2013
Source: Jadaliyya