Firat News: Kürkçü: Taksim resistance is a challenge against Erdoğan’s dictatorship

Speaking to ANF about the Gezi Park resistance which is continuing on the 15th day, BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Mersin deputy Ertuğrul Kürkçü said the resistance should be seen as a challenge against Prime Minister Erdoğan’s change into a dictator.

Kürkçü pointed out that “this uprising which includes people from all ages, circles and social classes must be respected and avoided to be attributed to a certain group”.

People have said “enough now” to the dictator rulership which they identify with rudeness, churlishness and and force, said the BDP deputy and remarked that the uprising has taken him back to the youth of 68′s; “This uprising has a similarity with the youth movement of 68′s against the government of the time, of Justice Party led by Süleyman Demirel. However, Gezi Park resistance is not only a youth movement but also a grassroots movement joined by millions of people from all political views and social standings. This is a point to be made out very well”.

Kürkçü underlined that the matter must be treated through democratic ways and cannot be resolved by means of police force and setting people against each other.

BDP deputy criticized Erdoğan’s attitude against taking a step back, adding; “Erdoğan principally doesn’t make apology, he has it made. For this incidents, he wanted Bülent Arınç, deputy PM, to deal with the apology, just like what he did after the Roboski massacre, having it done by some people pretending to apologize from the families of victims. He principally regards an apology as submission. This is why he will not make apology this time either”.

Kürkçü said people who take to the streets should be enabled to express themselves, adding, “People will learn to make decisions as they come together and increase in numbers. This is why nobody should make a decision on behalf of them”.

12 June 2013
Source: Firat News