Firat News: Solidarity Message from No Tav Movement to Gezi Park Protesters

The No Tav movement from Val Susa (Susa Valley near Turin) has sent a solidarity message to protesters in Gezi Park.

The No Tav are fighting against the construction of the high speed train from Turin to Lyon. A mega work which would destroyed lands and seriously affect people’s life and health. And a useless project for which there is no need and which would only help the interests of the building companies.

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Here is the message sent today by Lele Rizzo, of the No Tav movement:

Dear comrades and friends,

From the Val Susa (Turin) we are following your struggle at Gezi Park with solidarity.
Val Susa (Susa Valley) has a long history of police raids, attacks, coward assaults at dawn, jail, a history of bulldozer sent to destroy our lands to make room for a useless and expensive train, the Turin-Lyon high speed train. They did not succeed in their plans, thanks to the resistance of our people.

Your struggle is our struggle. Our common struggle is a struggle for future, knowing that we represent a danger for the constituted order which attack us trying to beat us, with every possible mean. They would like to wipe us out, because they know after us there will be tens, hundreds, thousands like us.

But you and us we both know that we could win this fight because we have time, reasons, dreams and stubbornness on our side. And these can not be defeated by tear gas nor by courts.

ANF – Bussoleno (Val Susa)
31 May 2013