LGBT – Press Release

LGBT group in Istanbul made a deceleration/ speech at gezi park Istanbul to the demonstrators on June 9th. The signs of the group that are visible read “My child is a homosexual”. The speaker is identified in the video info as “Independent transsexual individual Asya”.  The chanting at the end is the LGBT group together with the audience say “There is no salvation as a single person, either all together or none of us.” Here is the translation of the speech:

“Hello to all chapullers,

You, respected gezi park resistance members and all the people in Anatolia resisting against brutality of government, we would like you to know:

We are people who had to fight many times, and are continuing to fight for our existence on these lands. We are people whose right to walk in streets in day light, right to an education were taken away. We are the people who don’t have simple living rights in the hands of male-dominant, belittling, swear and hate culture. We would like to get the attention of you, socially-sensitive people. Male-violence, government-violence against us is continuing as we speak behind the barricades. In only 2012, according to official numbers, 70 transsexual people were murdered. In addition, homosexual young people were murdered by their own families, were shot at and were faced with many forms of violence. This systematic violence was supported by government’s policies. We want everybody be aware of our fight for a right to an honorable life. Today, we are with you, supporting you and we are sharing your hope to keep Gezi park as a green space. We would like you to pay attention to LGBT rights so we can keep the light that was created with this movement going. We invite you to the “LGBT pride walk” on June 30th, Sunday that will be held 21st time this year… ”


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