T24: Human Rights Foundation of Turkey: “640 thousand people have joined the demonstrations, 4 thousand people have been taken into custody and 3 thousand people have been injured”


Human Rights Foundation of Turkey drew attention to the 4 thousand people who had been taken into custody during the Resistance against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park.

3 thousand people have been injured, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In its current commentary, Domestic Affairs has claimed that, in 400 demonstrations that took place in 75 cities, 3 thousand 400 people have been taken into custody and 640 thousand people have joined the demonstrations in total.

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey’s written report is as follows: Demonstrations are still continuing in Ankara

The demonstrations that surround the entire country continued on 3rd July 2013 because of the extreme/harsh/excessive/disproportional attitude of the police. Demonstrations are especially continued in İstanbul and in Ankara.

One of the gas bombs that was used by the police crew against the demonstrations in Hatay hit the CHP Youth Organization member Ahmet Cömert’s (22) head who passed away by roughly hitting his head to the floor.

The demonstrations in Ankara, however, started with the high school students who met at Güvenpark in early hours and continued at night. The police interfered the demonstrations very harshly by constant throwing of gas bombs, teargas, batons, water cannons, TOMA’s and Scorpion –a vehicle that is used to intervene public acts- At the end of the day, 170 people had been injured, 4 of them were news reporters and 150 people had been taken into custody.

Selim Polat and Burak Ünveren have lost their sight

While a person who was walking on the street during the interference was injured by the hitting of a canister, two gas bombs which were targeted by the police broke though glasses and went inside to two different cars.

During the protests in İstanbul on 2nd June 2013, it was learned that Yıldız Technical University Economics Faculty research assistant Burak Ünveren and the student of the same school, Selim Polat had lost their sight by the shotting of gas bomb cartridges and plastic bullets.

In its commentary, Turkish Physicians Association gave the following information: According to the data of the Province Health Directorate, İstanbul Physicians Association stated that there 26 people were hospitalized receiving medical treatment, 2 people had life threatening conditions and 5 people were in intensive care unit. With the people in observation and patients who were receiving outpatient care, in total, 880 people have been applied to the hospitals. When added the 625 number of people via İstanbul Physicians Association, it is understood that nearly 3 thousand people had been injured. The number of people who were not able to apply to the hospitals must be added too.

Did Caner Ertay’s leg and arm break by means of torture?

In the demonstrations at Ankara according to the information that Ankara Physicians Association professionals have stated, there were 414 injured patients, 15 of them being severely injured.

According to the data given by the İzmir Physicians Association, in 2 days, 420 injured people had applied to the hospitals, 60 of them being carried by ambulances.

In Eskişehir, it was found out that, Community Center member Caner Ertay was caught by the police for taking place in the demonstrations on 2nd June 2013 and cornered in the parking garage, he had been tortured until his arms and leg was broken.

In the demonstrations at Muğla, when the Muğla Province Gendarmerie Command Public Order Commander Assistant Lieutenant Colonel Necati Metin wanted to meet with the demonstrators, he had been shot in the eyes by a gas bomb launched by the police.

In İstanbul, the demonstrations which took place on 3rd June 2013 was intervened by the police in Beşiktaş, by intense use of gas bomb again. Many people were injured, 100 people were taken into custody.

The group that protested against the police violence in Tunceli was intervened as well. After the demonstrations in Adana, however, it was leanred that 24 people were taken into custody.

Hülya Karabağlı
05 June 2013
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