Hürriyet: The driver that knocked over and fled registered a complaint against him

20625494İsmail Aydoğdu (23), one of the 4 people injured by an automobile ploughing through the crowd of protesters gathered at Kızılay Square in Ankara, has successfully held on to life following 2 weeks of struggling for survival. At first, the driver that knocked Aydoğdu over, had fled from the crime scene. Later however, the driver registered a complaint at the police station, claiming that his car was damaged.

Feeling uncomfortable with the fact that the person who had caused this incident was still free at large, Aydoğdu said: ‘I have had 3 surgeries in total: 1 on my arm and 2 on my brain. I’ve registered a complaint against the driver who was released while I was trying to survive.’

The automobile driven by U.A. ploughed into the crowd of protesters gathering in Kızılay Square in Ankara on 2 June to support the Gezi Park demonstrations in Taksim. 3 people were injured when the car crashed into the crowd. When U.A. was stuck in the middle of the crowd and attempted to flee by driving back, İsmail Aydoğdu was severely injured after being trapped underneath the car.


Hospitalized in Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Education and Research Hospital, İsmail Aydoğdu won the struggle for life that continued for over 2 weeks. A part of his skull was removed, he was anesthetized for 12 days and he has had 3 surgeries. After a long period of treatment and surgeries, Aydoğdu was discharged from hospital and he told us about his experience. He stated that he remembered very few things related to that day. He added that the car ploughed into the crowd, and the driver drove back seeing the road was closed, but he didn’t remember anything after that.

Feeling uncomfortable since the person causing this situation is free outside, Aydoğdu said, ‘I have had 3 surgeries in total: 1 on my arm and 2 on my brain. I’ve registered a complaint against the driver who was released while I was trying to survive.’


Witness to the incident, Hüseyin Kemal Başlar, said that the car came from Bakanlıklar Street and ploughed into the crowd. Başlar stated that the car hit İsmail while the driver was trying to drive back because it was stuck in the middle of the crowd, and he added that he filmed everything that happened. Başlar wants justice to be realized and the driver to be punished. He also claimed that no prosecutor was appointed to this case.

Mevlüt Aydoğdu, father of the victim, said that he had been informed about the event a day after the accident, and he that he anxiously waited for 12 days, hoping to receive good news from his son. Aydoğdu said that he had received no support, neither from the public nor from the public institutions, and that he demanded justice.

Mevlüt Aydoğdu indicated that he had concerns related to the future of his son due to the accident. He said that he wanted the person responsible for this to be punished before the law.


On the other hand, the fleeing driver U.A. went to the Çankaya Police Station and registered a complaint against the protesters, claiming that his car was damaged. After his testimony was taken at the police station, U.A. claimed that he had panicked, thinking that the protesters would hit his car, and so he had caused the accident.

28 June 2013
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