Radikal: Undercover police detectives?

An incidence similar to the one in Izmir about people dressed in plain-clothes and claimed to be policemen has been said to have happened in Eskişehir. According to these claims, Ali İsmail Korkmaz, a university student, attacked by people in plain clothes and with clubs in their hands, was injured severely and had cerebral hemorrhage. Korkmaz’s state is critical.

Disoroportionate police intervention to demonstrations supporting Gezi Park protests is still continuing. In these protests, just like it happened in İzmir, groups in plain clothes and carrying clubs in their hands who were claimed to be policemen were reported to accompany the protests. These people “in plain clothes and carrying clubs in their hands”, whose videos appeared in İzmir and were reported to be policemen by İzmir Police, are claimed to be active in Eskişehir and that they intervene to activists. And the last victim appears to be Ali İsmail Korkmaz.

 Ali İsmail Korkmaz

Korkmaz’s elder brother, lawyer Gürkan Korkmaz, said, “My brother Ali İsmail joined the Gezi Park protests in Eskişehir. There, he told his friends that he was attacked by some men “in plain clothes with clubs in their hands”. We do not have information regarding identities of these people. We do not know if they are police detectives or just plain citizens. But there are traces of blows on his head and shoulders. He came home after first aid! But later he went to the hospital since he got worse. The diagnosis was cerebral hemorrhage.

Stating that he went from Hatay to Eskisehir soon as he learnt about his brother’s injury, Korkmaz said “we came to Eskisehir in a hurry right after we learnt about the incidence. My brother Ali İsmail Korkmaz had a brain surgery. His state is critical and now he is put to sleep. Both the prosecutorial and Eskişehir Organization of Lawyers have showed great interest in the incidence and are trying their best to catch the people who committed the crime “
Mesut Hasan Benli
6 June 2013
Source: radikal.com.tr

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