Daily Kos: Protests in Turkey – 24 arrested for social media crimes

Tonight 24 people were arrested in a police operation in Izmir.

They were charged with using social media to ‘instigate public hatred and animosity’.

The police used IP addresses to determine the addresses of 38 suspects but were able to locate and arrest only 24 of them during their raids on the 38 addresses tonight.

The opposition party CHP has announced that they have sent lawyers to assist those who were arrested and that the 24 in police custody are accused of using Twitter to urge people to come to the protests.

Update: According to media reports the lawyers representing those are in custody have stated that the police case files quote Tweets about where to meet, where the police were, what the police were doing, and the names of volunteer doctors and lawyers as evidence.

Some of the Tweets also contain links to this video.


The number of people in custody has risen to 29 and they are between 19 and 25 years old. The police are still looking for ten people.

The lawyers stated that the 29 in custody don’t know each other but the cases for some reason are being handled by the organized crime division.

The lawyers believe they will probably be released within 24 hours.

The laws they are being charged under, TCK 214 and 217 according to the lawyers, are for publicly inciting the disobeying of laws, publicly inciting a crime, and publicly inciting one section of the public to use arms to kill another section of the public.

04 June 2013
Source: http://www.dailykos.com