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Hürriyet Daily News: Tensions decrease despite some clashes in Gezi Park protests

Tension seemed to diminish on June 4, as the protests over the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park entered their second week, after spreading to nearly every province in Turkey. The heart of the protests in Istanbul’s Gezi Park continued in a more festive mood, a stark contrast to last week’s brutal police raids on the area. The protesters who took [...] → Read the full article…

LiveLeak: Woman protester headshot by police tear gas gun

İstanbul – Police intervened in a group of people at Taksim Gezi Park
in Istanbul by using tear gas and pressurized water against those
protesting the demolition of the park and uprooting of the trees since
Monday. A group of protestors who gathered at Taksim Square was dispersed by police using pressurized water and tear gas.

In the intervention, some protestors were injured. Medical teams arrived on the scene and treated them.

A woman (Lavna Allani) with head injury was taken to hospital. Her medical condition is critical and skull is broken.

Within the scope of the Taksim pedestrianization project, approved by the
government in February 2012, the Gezi Park walls facing the Elmadag area
were demolished by construction workers on Monday night. Shortly after,
a group of protesters came to the park to prevent further uprooting of
the trees and demolition of walls.Earlier, Prime Minister Recep
Tayyip Erdogan commented on the protests by saying that the government
had made its decision and there would be no U-turn in this regard.



31 May 2012
Source: liveleak.com