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Friends, companions, comrades!


Hello friends, comrades! First of all, I salute you with the Taksim revolts unabated excitement. As one of the captives of this revolt, I see all of your never ending determination and celebrate your courageous, honorable actions. Friends, companions, comrades! On these days, we witnessed the collapse of the wall of fear and turning to a massive movement. Taksim has been [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Özkan Güven “During the Gezi Resistance All Channels Hid the Public from the Public”


This is the story of Özkan Güven who resigned from the kitchen of the media that ignored the people on the street but loved penguins. While resigning he said #yasasıngeziruhu (#longlivethespiritofgezi).    I resigned from NTV where I worked as an editor. #yasasıngeziruhu Özkan Güven who resigned from NTV Television because of its broadcasting policies during the Gezi resistance talked to Bianet. Güven tells of the effects of his protest against the media [...] → Read the full article…

T24: An Eyewitness Accounts: How Was Ali İsmail Korkmaz Beaten To Death?


An eyewitness told the day when Ali İsmail Korkmaz was beaten to pulp. Korkmaz passed away in Eskișehir in the hospital where he was treated. The fifth fatality during the Gezi protests occurred yesterday when Ali İsmail Korkmaz passed away due to brain hemorrhage. Korkmaz, 19, was a freshman at the English Teacher Department at the Faculty of Education of [...] → Read the full article…