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The Guardian: Erdoğan’s win in Turkey heralds a surprising rise in the new left

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Wins The Presidential Election In Turkey

‘Teflon Tayyip’ has bounced back to win the Turkish presidency but a new leftist party may be the success story of the election They call him “Teflon Tayyip”. The man who can face down the challenge of Gezi Park, where 11 protesters were killed and 8,000 injured, and tell the world that they’re drunks and terrorists. The man who can tell [...] → Read the full article…

Bloomberg: Turkey’s Cleavage Crackdown Goes to College – Marc Champion


Erdogan has decided the best way to maximize his vote in Turkey’s first direct presidential election next year is to polarize the electorate. He wants to force Turks to choose between two options: You’re either with Erdogan, or against him. And if you are against him, you are with the old, wooden-headed, military-backed, secularist system and its decadent offspring. ”Those who [...] → Read the full article…

The Guardian: Abdullah Gul hints at battle for Turkish presidency – Simon Tisdall

Abdullah Gul hints at battle for Turkish presidency

Gul not ruling out challenging authoritarian prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for presidency next summer. Growing divergence of views over the government’s handling of last summer’s violent street protests, and over what Gul calls Turkey’s “democratic deficit” and the “normalisation” of Islamic values within Turkey’s secular constitutional framework, has prompted suggestions that the two men, who together have dominated the [...] → Read the full article…