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Roar Magazine: Culmination of Resistance Against Urban Neoliberalism – Burak Köse


Emerging from a long history of resistance to the AKP’s spatial politics, Gezi made it possible to imagine a more egalitarian and democratic way of life. On December 17, 2013, Turkey woke up to another morning of dawn operations involving raids, home and office searches, and arrests that have become a routine in the legal and political landscape of the [...] → Read the full article…

Interview with Mücella Yapıcı, Secretary of Taksim Solidarity

Two part interview with Mücella Yapıcı, Secretary of Taksim Solidarity and General Secretary of Chamber of Architects, Istanbul Branch. Subtitles and translation provided by translators’ platform Translate for Justice. PART I PART II 28 June 2013 Source: translateforjustice.com

City: Reclaiming the right to the city, reflections on the urban uprisings in Turkey – Mehmet Baris Kuymulu


It has been more than four decades since Henri Lefebvre, Marxist philosopher and theorist of socio-spatial processes, presciently argued that the globalization of urbanization and the role of distinctively urban processes in the accumulation of capital were bringing about a specifically urban crisis that could not easily be subsumed under the crisis of industrial capitalism. This led Lefebvre to highlight [...] → Read the full article…