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Jadaliyya: Digital Platforms, Analog Elections: How Civic Groups Are Trying to Bring Back Democracy in Turkey


When Gezi protesters occupied the park last summer and took their frustration with the government to the streets, Prime Minister Erdoğan told them to “be patient and face off at the ballot box.” It was exactly Erdoğan’s reductive framing of democracy, which limits political legitimacy to elections and takes an uncompromising, polarizing stance against opposition, that Gezi protesters stood against. Nonetheless, unlike [...] → Read the full article…

Jadaliyya: Towards the End of a Dream? Erdogan-Gulen Fallout and Islamic Liberalism’s Descent – Cihan Tugal


How enchanting it is to see that the same kind of spectacle is now unfolding within the new regime, pitting its founders against each other. But should we really be entertained? Some journalists and radical left-wing organizations quickly announced that they are not going to be spectators in this new battle, but rather will actively intervene to make sure this is [...] → Read the full article…

Armenian Weekly: Uprisings from Wall Street to Gezi Park – Interview with David Barsamian


For more than a quarter of a century, journalist and author David Barsamian has been a tireless voice for social justice, broadcasting programs from India, to Syria, to the United States. Barsamian, whom Howard Zinn called “the Studs Terkel of our time,” is the founder and director of Alternative Radio, based in Boulder, Colo. (www.alternativeradio.org). His interviews and articles appear [...] → Read the full article…