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Jadaliyya: Defiant Turkish demonstrators ‘finding new ways to protest’: Turkey page co-editor Nazan Ustundag on Democracy Now!


This is an interview conducted with Turkey Page Co-Editor Nazan Üstündağ on the ongoing state repression of protests in Turkey. The interview addresses the Turkish government’s violent crackdown and how Turkish protesters have developed new strategies to express their dissent. The Turkish government is threatening to send armed troops into cities to quell the ongoing anti-government protests that have continued [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: Standing-still man in Taksim


Last night, a man stood still in Taksim Square and did not move at all for hours. Became viral on social media as “duranadam” (standing-still man), the man inspired many others to join him. Around 2 am local time, police detained those who were standing still with “duranadam”. Last night, around 8:25 pm local time, a man stood still in [...] → Read the full article…