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Friends, companions, comrades!


Hello friends, comrades! First of all, I salute you with the Taksim revolts unabated excitement. As one of the captives of this revolt, I see all of your never ending determination and celebrate your courageous, honorable actions. Friends, companions, comrades! On these days, we witnessed the collapse of the wall of fear and turning to a massive movement. Taksim has been [...] → Read the full article…

Etha: Tunç ‘Let them come and take us too’


Haydar Tunç, who is the father of Hasan Tunç who is 20 years old and one of the arrestees of Gezi resistance, believes his son was arrested to take revenge due to the Taksim Gezi Park actions. Tunç stated: “This process is not an organizational operation process. My child is a member of a legally acknowledged party. Being a member [...] → Read the full article…

Reuters: Turkish police fire tear gas at Istanbul protesters

Riot police detain an anti-government protester at Istiklal Street in central Istanbul July 13, 2013. REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Turkish police fired water cannon and tear gas on Saturday to disperse hundreds of protesters who gathered to march to Gezi Park, which has been at the heart of fierce unrest against Prime Minister Erdogan’s rule. Protesters scattered, running into sidestreets where police pursued them, before starting to regroup on Istiklal Street, meters from the main Taksim Square. The demonstrators [...] → Read the full article…