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Ottawa Gezi Platform: illustrated message of solidarity with ODTU Resistance

Firuz - ODTU

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in Oslo, Berlin, New York, London, Boston, Goteborg, Metz, Paris, Amsterdam, Dresden, and Frankfurt to offer this symbolic act of tree planting to ODTU faculty and students in Ankara. We stand by OTDU’s right to follow through all political and legal means of dissent and appeal as outlined by the decision of [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: New Trees to Be Planted on METU Campus

metu - 2

Various groups from METU released a statement, saying that Ankara Municipality’s bulldozers committed an “unlawful environmental massacre” by cutting trees on METU campus on the night of October 18. Various groups from METU will plant trees today on METU campus after Ankara Municipality’s bulldozers cut several trees on the night of October 18. Orta Doğu Academicians Association, METU Alumni Association, [...] → Read the full article…

ODTÜ Rector’s Office: Violation of ODTÜ Campus on October 18th, 2013


This statement is considered necessary in response to the popular concern of staff, press and the general public about the violation of our campus by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on the night of the 18th October 2013. On the 2nd October 2013, ODTÜ was notified by fax that the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning had approved the Plan of [...] → Read the full article…