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Al Jazeera: What do Brazil, Turkey, Peru and Bulgaria have in common? – Bernardo Gutierrez


This year’s protests have less to do with ideology and specific grievances than a new architecture of protest…from-the-networks-to-the-streets flow is one of the most notable patterns of these revolts. These types of protests transcend the traditional format of demonstrations – and build, in the words of Spanish thinker Javier Toret, “a mutant network system with moving boundaries, hybrid, cyborg, a [...] → Read the full article…

Armenian Weekly: Uprisings from Wall Street to Gezi Park – Interview with David Barsamian


For more than a quarter of a century, journalist and author David Barsamian has been a tireless voice for social justice, broadcasting programs from India, to Syria, to the United States. Barsamian, whom Howard Zinn called “the Studs Terkel of our time,” is the founder and director of Alternative Radio, based in Boulder, Colo. (www.alternativeradio.org). His interviews and articles appear [...] → Read the full article…