Resist Turkey!

‘Dear resisters! While reading your criticisms and comments in admiration and hope, I understand that Gezi Park protests have achieved a lot indeed… There is no fear any more…

I write as a person who has been in Taksim Gezi Park since 31 May. You should know that we hear simultaneously about everything that happens in Ankara. We react from the park in each attack, and the park resounds with slogans… At the same time, unfortunately we have been struggling with the rain for 2 days… Nobody slept here yesterday, the heavy rain started early in the morning. Even if it stops from time to time, it’s raining cats and dogs now… And I think that’s why the admin of the page cannot answer…

Please everybody, have your head screwed on the right way. It is time for solidarity..

Here everybody is so determined and hopeful… Nobody intends to surrender or give up.  We have been waiting on the alert against the attack for days. There are friends who are exhausted due to tiredness and sleeplessness, but they never quail and leave.

As for the piano recital; if there hadn’t been those musicians and mothers hand in hand who shielded themselves, the police would have already attacked. They couldn’t attack due to this scene, and afterwards they wanted to negotiate… Please friends, do not forget that the universal power of art is vital, as well! One of the foremost weapons of societies is art… Nobody is having fun here, we are all PROTESTing, please do not misunderstand… We must be determined and wise… I wish you had been here and smell the air yesterday, then you would have understood this…

I write as one of the people who experienced the attacks aroud Beşiktaş and Dolmabahçe Mosque on 2 June, and the attacks started in the square on Monday evening on 11 June, I write as a person who was exposed to all the attacks and gas bombs… Please everybody, do not quail, and do not misunderstand… Do not think that nobody does anything for Ankara… Please be realist, and so nobody can discourage us. Our hearts are with you… People who resist raise awareness. I know that from now on nothing will be the same as it used to be.

To live is to resist! We will resist..


Ezgi Zaman

Taken from the Facebook page of Taksim Dayanışma (Taksim Solidarity).

15 June 2013

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