ODTÜ Statement from the Student Collectives

ODTUThe Student Collectives published a statement about the insidious assault against the ODTÜ (Middle East Technical University) on the last day of the religious festival, after midnight:

This assault is not only against the trees in the ODTÜ campus but also against the University itself! We are going to resist all over Turkey!

The aggressors who assaulted the ODTÜ by cutting the fences on night of the 18th of October, did not do this simply to cut down the trees for the purpose of gaining rent! The Gökçek bandits and their escort, the police force, came there to intimidate all of society in general and the university students in particular.

They came in a way that suited them very well: attempting to occupy the university insidiously by cutting the fences while it was a holiday and the students were not there! This was an invitation to combat!

Their invitation is welcome to us!

We will confront AKP with resistance, not only for the ODTÜ trees but for trees and green spaces all over Turkey.

This is our call to all university students and our nation!

This is our call to anyone who wants to stand by the ODTÜ!

Mobilize and take to the streets wherever you are!

They want resistance. Let us give them resistance!

These the bandits, gangs and professional killers threaten our neighbor-hoods, our schools and even our lives!

We will resist in order to protect ourselves, our neighbor-hoods, and our schools!

Source: kolektifler.net


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