Hunger strike for a week!

I decided to go on a hunger strike starting from June 18th, 3pm, where fellow Ethem Sarisuluk was shot, without leaving the spot for a whole week, so that no more people like Ethem Sarisuluk die anymore, so that no more fellows are permanently disabled, so that nobody else is unlawfully detained like my Comrade Aydin and thousand other comrades, so that this dictator attitude ends and law, justice, freedom and democracy are in place. I am doing this to take upon my humble duty, just to be able to pay my debt to my fellows although in the least and I have no affiliation to any person, any institution or party. Notifying “Associated Press” first and giving an interview towards this morning, I thereby inform the whole public about my strike and submit it to your interest.

Do not cry, Mom, your children are here!

With my warmest resistance…

A.Galip FIRAT A Chapulju from ODTU


19 June 2013

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