Friends, companions, comrades!

Hello friends, comrades!

First of all, I salute you with the Taksim revolts unabated excitement. As one of the captives of this 1045041_150925378447086_307405986_n-212x300revolt, I see all of your never ending determination and celebrate your courageous, honorable actions.

Friends, companions, comrades!

On these days, we witnessed the collapse of the wall of fear and turning to a massive movement. Taksim has been the turn point for millions. We have seen tens becoming thousands and thousands becoming millions, out on the streets no matter their differences of  age, language and most importantly their political views.

We know that this issue is not about a few trees.  Every segment of Turkey has seen the cruelty of the government, its unjust actions and how it limited our freedom. The people who were responsible  for these cruelty have been desperate when the crowd poured into the streets.

This resistance has taught a lot when after a long time people revolted and poured into the streets. Along many things it taught us  how to resist, how to share and how to live together.

When this resistance become nationwide and massive in waves, of course some of us got injured, disabled, imprisoned but most importantly we had some martyrs. But we didn’t forget; Ethem, Mehmet, Abdullah. We didn’t forget Ali and İsmail. We will never forget or let them be forgotten, we will call for account and seek for justice.

Now it is the time to control the streets with the power, energy and resistance we have earned through the revolt. It is the time to say “We are here!” to the cruel power, who have attacked all segments of the society. We have to turn the streets, parks and everywhere to Gezi Park to Taksim Square in order for them to see that the resistance is continuing and that we don’t care about their restrictions.

We have been imprisoned while witnessing history but our faith into our people is absolute and our hopes are up. We believe in your deterimination in your struggle, wish you luck in your efforts and congratulate  your/our resistance.

With best of luck and resistance…

* The martyrs of the resistance are immortal!
* Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance!
* Long live revolution and socialism!

Edirne F Type Jail

Çağrı Aydoğan
24 July 2013
Kaynak: Social Media


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