Firat News: Occupied factory to stage fashion show

Workers of the Kazova textile factory in Istanbul’s Bomonti district will exhibit their own products, pullovers, in a fashion show outside the factory on Saturday evening.

The event will also be supported by Orhan Alkaya, Pelin Batu, Cengiz Bozkurt, Deniz Türkali, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Güler İnce, İlkay Akkaya, Pınar Aydınlar, Hakan Yeşilyurt, Ece Temelkuran, Ruhi Su Dostlar Korosu, Metin Yeğin, Grup Yorum and FOSEM.

Speaking on the phone to ANF today journalist and film director Metin Yeğin added that the workers are opening a coffee place today. And next week they will also have a wedding party.

The Kazova factory was closed seven months ago when its bosses Ümit Somoncu and Mustafa Umut suddenly left the factory and disappeared after the protest of 94 workers who had been denied to receive their salary and compensation. Ten workers of the factory have been on strike ever since. The factory has been occupied for 100 days now.

The workers first erected tents outside the factory, then they joined the Saturday protests, a mass rally by workers, and marched from Taksim to Galatasaray with other workers denied their rights.

Police blocked and prevented the workers when they wanted to stage a demo at Taksim Square after the May Day. On 28 June, they occupied the factory “with the strength they received from Gezi resistance” in their own words. And indeed as Yeğin explained the workers are organized in a forum, following the Gezi example which is being replicated in every conflict situation now.

On 14 September, they started to produce pullovers with the materials left in the factory. They will send their first products to woman and child prisoners supporting them. The pullovers will also be sold both outside the factory and at public forums across Istanbul.

They have also initiated a legal process which has however made no headway so far.

ANF – Istanbul
27 September 2013