Fascist police and the attitude of the government

On 10 June 2013 at midnight, on Tunus Street, Ankara Muhammet Canseval and Selim Kılıç paper recylcling workers were subjected to arbitrary atrocity and severe beating. The brief story is as follows:

Selim is a paper scavenger and he was collecting paper during demonstrations. As the violence broke out, he headed towards the police and shouted out loudly that he was not a demonstrator. Although the police heard his exclamation, directed their ferocity to the scavengers, the invisible members of the society and severely beat up Selim. They even broke his cart into pieces and took him into custody violently. Selim Kılıç’s statement both at the police and the prosecutor’s office is same as above described.

Muhammet is a mentally unbalanced and homeless person, a friend of ours, who tries to live on paper scavenging. The police beat up Muhammet, who is incapable of simple self-protection, severely, almost to death and then took him into custody.

The lawyers from Ankara Bar Association told us that their condition is not well and especially noted that Muhammet was beaten seriously.

We are exposing the fascist conduct of the police and the state which severely maltreated Selim and Muhammet who was bare footed, with one slipper on, during the custody and depositions.”

Today another declaration is given from the same source: “Our friend Muhammet was beaten and taken into custody by the police. We were informed that he was released but haven’t heard of him since his detention. Muhammet Canseval has gone missing for two days.

Excerpt from Facebook

11 June 2013

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