habersoL: Evren Kose is in critical condition!

AKP is attacking brutally again. Evren Kose is in critical condition!


As supporter’s of AKP were taking down banners  this morning, tens of protestors were injured. Among the injured, Evren Kose is in critical condition.

AKP is attacking once more to kill. During the violent police attack, Evren Kose was seriously injured.

Following government orders,  the police attacked on Taksim.  Evren Kose was hurt during the attack. Radikal -a newspaper in Turkey- reported that Evren Kose, a protestor, was hurt and knocked unconscious as a result of police violence. Enver Kose was taken to Sisli Eftal Hospital.

Evren’s attorney, Efkan Bolac, provided an update on Evren’s condition: “Evren Kose is in critical condition. At first, he was taken to Armenian Hospital, then was transfered to Sisli Eftal Hospital. His skull was broken, exposing the brain. He remained conscious, but was bleeding from the mouth. It is speculated that a gas bomb cartridge hit his skull.

11 June 2013
Original source; haber.sol.org.tr


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